“Family Tree Branches” Series (Section 1)

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Welcome to the “Family Tree Branches” Section 1 of our abstract print shoppe. These prints are meant to be gifts for family members. Each branch has a characteristic associated with it (Actor, Athlete, Creator, Diplomat, Dreamer, Fighter, and Guardian). What branch best represents the member of your family you are buying for?

All prints are 11″ x 14″ on German Etching paper, which has the subtle texture of an etching paper and a soft white tone. Prints are on acid-free paper and printed using archival ink.

Standard Pricing: $30.00 per print (all quantities); Prices include shipping.

Please note digital watermarks are not on prints.

Actor Branch | $30 per print
Athlete Branch | $30 per print
Creator Branch | $30 per print
Diplomat Branch | $30 per print
Dreamer Branch | $30 per print
Fighter Branch | $30 per Print
Guardian Branch | $30 per branch

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